Balkan Medical Journal is seeking associate editors from Balkan Countries except Turkey as there are already many colleagues from Turkey at the editorial board. Please inform your colleagues, especially who are active researchers and specialist of Cardiology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, General Surgery, Urology, Pediatric Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology or Clinic Microbiology. Candidates are expected to have an h-index 5 or greater, at least 10 SCI-E articles and more than 50 citations at SCI-E journals. Applications (with a short CV) can directly be made to the editor-in-chief via e-mail to

Associate editors help editor-in-chief on editorial decisions and review a mean of two manuscripts per week. That is not a detailed review but a decision whether to send a manuscript for peer review or not. If the paper is sent to reviewers, the review process is mostly done by the associate editors. The most popular online review system – Scholarone Manuscripts – is used as the journal’s submission system.

Balkan Medical Journal is edited by Prof. Cem Uzun. It is an international general medicine journal. It receives more than 2000 manuscripts per year from all subjects of medicine. More details can be found at

The quality of the journal and the interest have significantly increased in the last years. The journal is indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded and Journal Citation Reports, and the Impact Factor for 2015 is 0,496. The acceptance rate is 7%.

Articles published in the Balkan Medical Journal can be searchable at PubMed which is the most popular index in medicine. Full texts are also freely downloadable from PubMed Central besides the journal’s website.

Balkan Medical Journal strictly follows the rules of important international organizations on scientific publication such as World Association of Medical Journals, International Council of Medical Journal Editors, Council of Science Editors, Committee on Publication Ethics and European Association of Science Editors.

Balkan Medical Journal serves a trustful platform for medical publication and freely distributes high quality knowledge along with the most popular indexes. The journal expects submissions of your and your colleagues’ original and quality manuscripts.

• Edirne Editor Workshop and Balkan Panel on Publication Ethics Events Completed 

“Edirne Editor Workshop and Balkan Panel on Publication Ethics”, the 15th training events of Balkan Medical Journal took place on February 13 and 14, 2015 respectively. The meetings received the participation of numerous journal editors and researchers from Turkey and the Balkans. The Event kicked off on 13.02.2015 with the keynote speech Prof. Yener YÖRÜK, MD the Honorary Chairman and the Rector of Trakya University.

The first session saw the Editor Workshop, where the session chairman Prof. Dr. Okan ÇALIYURT read the curriculum vitae of the Honorary Guest Speaker and Instructor Prof. Ana MARUŠIĆ, MD, PhD   Split University, Split, Croatia (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Global Health and Former Editor-in-Chief, Croatian Medical Journal), who was invited to give her speech titled “Publishing small and scholarly journals - challenges and opportunities”. The event proceeded with the official guest speaker and instructor Ksenija BAŽDARIĆ, BA, PhD Rijeka University, Rijeka, Croatia (Editor-in-Chief, European Science Editing and Research Integrity Editor, Croatian Medical Journal) reading her curriculum vitae and taking the stage for her speech. She then gave her speech titled “Ethical standards in journal publishing”. Following the lunch break, Prof. MARUŠIĆ  once again took the stage to give her another speech titled “Increasing visibility of journals: impact and promotion”. The matter was discussed in details with questions from the audience. 

The panel commenced at 14.40 with the participation of numerous researchers and academicians where the ethical issues of scientific publication in the Balkans were tabled under the title “How to decrease publication misconduct in the Balkans?” led by Prof. Ana MARUŠIĆ, Ksenija BAŽDARIĆ, Assoc. Prof. Stefanos TRIARIDIS, MD, MSc, PhD, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece (Editor-in-Chief, Hippokratia) and Prof. Cem UZUN, MD (Symposium Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Balkan Medical Journal). 

The sessions on 14 February 2015 started with the Session Chairman Prof. Dr. Mustafa İNAN inviting Prof. MARUŠIĆ  to give a presentation titled “Working with authors and reviewers”, which was followed by the interactive meetings held by Prof. MARUŠIĆ and Dr. BAŽDARIĆ  on the subject “Journal Clinic: Critical assessment of journals edited by participants”. In this session, the strengths and weaknesses of Balkan Medical Journal were tabled and assessed.

The closing ceremony saw the participants receiving certificates and conclusion of the meetings.

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“Edirne Editor Workshop & Balkan Panel on Publication Ethics”:

• Symposium on Basic Features of a Good Scientific Journal Held*


The symposium on “Symposium on Basic Features of a Good Scientific Journal”, organized within the scope of the 14th Training Activity of Balkan Medical Journal, was held on 16 January 2015 in Trakya University Balkan Congress Center, Senate Hall. The morning session saw the attendance of approximately 100 participants while the referee training in the afternoon session saw 50 participants working in the distinguished universities and scientific journals in Turkey.

The keynote speech was given by Prof. Dr. Yener Yörük  , the Rector of Trakya University.

The first session started at 09.00 with the presentation of speakers’ resumes by the moderator Prof. Dr. Okan Çalıyurt. The first speaker was Prof. Dr. Üstün Aydıngöz , a lecturer in the Department of Radiology in the Medical Faculty of Hacettepe University. Dr. Aydıngöz treated the subject of  “How to become and remain a good scientific journal?” in light of their experience in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, the most effective medical journal in Turkey, where he was the editor for two years.

The second speaker was Prof. Dr. Berna Arda , a lecturer in Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, Medical History and Ethics Department, who, in her speech titled “Ethics in the assessment of essays: Are there faults and mistakes in this process?”, explained the necessary steps and common mistakes found in the assessment of essays sent to a scientific journal.

The afternoon session started at 13.30 as Prof. Dr. Mustafa İnan, the moderator of the training titled “How to become a good referee in a Medical Journal?”, read the resumes of speakers. The first speaker, Lecturer Prof. Dr. Taner Kemal Erdağ  from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, gave a speech titled “Technical aspect of good refereeing” where he provided a description of good refereeing, and detailed explanation of the steps to be taken in the proper assessment with examples.

The second speaker was Prof. Dr. Necdet Süt , a Lecturer in Trakya University, Department of Biostatistics and Biostatistics Editor of Balkan Medical Journal , who gave the speech titled “Statistical aspects of good refereeing”, mentioning the issues of study designs, power analysis, good reporting guidelines, recording of clinical studies and fundamental statistical calculations.

The third speaker, Lecturer Prof. Dr. Cem Uzun   from Trakya University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Editor-in-Chief of Balkan Medical Journal made a speech titled “Ethical aspect of good refereeing” where he explained the ethical issues to consider in assessing essays, relevant practical information and the ethical rules that the referees must observe.

YouTube channel “Balkan Medical Journal”, playlist
“Symposium on Basic Features of a Good Scientific Journal”:

• International Scientific Summer School, 2014, ENEZ, EDİRNE, TURKEY

In 2014, the 11th session of ISSS was held in a small but lovely seaside area, in Enez, Turkey, in the district of Edirne. The activity was organized under the patronage of Balkan Medical Journal with the great support of Trakya University in Edirne, Turkey. As the weather was fine, we used an open-air meeting hall. Even though it rained occasionally, thanks to the roof, we were able to watch the rain and enjoy the fresh air all around. Participants had a chance to enjoy the sea, which they generally did just an hour before dinner. But as they were eager to work, their discussions continued even after the dinner. A little trip was organized to Edirne where the group was able to meet the rector of Trakya University and also to visit historical monuments, such as the Selimiye Mosque, the old medical faculty, and the hospital. The international faculty was formed of junior members, including Alpay Aribas (Turkey), Cigdem Koca (Turkey), Alexey Savelev (Russia), and senior members, including Ljuba Bacharova (Slovakia), Gulmira Kudaiberdieva (Turkey) and Mustafa Inan (Turkey).

Eva Blahovcova (Slovakia), Selma Korkmaz (Turkey), Ksenia Sedova (Russia), Onur Yıldırım (Turkey), Erion Çerekja (Albania) Marina Vaykshnorayte (Russia), Erdoğan Bulut (Turkey), Zuzana Kaňková (Slovakia), Edin Demiri (Kosovo), Serkan Balta (Turkey), Enis Redjep (Macedonia), Agnieszka Narkun (Poland), Silvia Smolarova (Slovakia), Emine Dilek (Turkey), Sinem Bağcı (Turkey), Sezin Fıçıcıoğlu (Turkey), Arber Gashi (Kosovo), Kıymet Tabakçıoğlu (Turkey), Maros Kolomaznik (Slovakia) and Çağatay Oltulu (Turkey) were in Enez as participants.

International Scientific Summer School 2014 was successfully completed with young scientists and experienced faculy members discovering the language of science, understanding the importance of team work, finding and answering the right questions, and developing their English language skills.

• SCIENTIFIC WRITING AND PUBLICATION ETHICS COURSE will be held by the editors of the Balkan Medical Journal for biomedical writing and creating awareness about publication ethics. The course will take place in Edirne, Turkey on May 29, 2013. The aim of this one day event is to contribute to the developing scientific writing skills on a practical approach of academicians living in the Balkan Region. Scientific manuscript writing will be discussed interactively in the morning session, and a workshop will take place in the afternoon session. The number of participants will be limited to 16 people. To enroll in this course or to acquire information on the program details, please contact to the secretary at

• Information on the structure and the duration of editorial workflow and the publication process is now available in the “Editorial Policy”.

• A new “Instruction to Reviewers” section has been prepared for our reviewers. We strongly recommend to our readers, authors and reviewers to refer this new section to have an understanding on the evaluation and selection processes of the papers that are submitted the Balkan Medical Journal go through.

• The Balkan Medical Journal signed an agreement with the  ScholarOne Manuscripts peer review system which is preferred by many major journals. The journal will start to accept manuscript submissions through its dedicated ScholarOne webpage within a few weeks.

• Henceforward, all accepted manuscripts will be proofread by PRS Proofreading and Copyediting Services.

• Soon the Journal will have a new website, which is going to have a more user friendly format with richer content.

• The webpage of the Balkan Medical Journal is now being updated. The new webpage, which will offer richer content to the readers through a more user friendly interface, will go live soon.

• The Balkan Medical Journal became the member of some important organizations such as the International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), the Council of Science Editors (CSE), the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and the European Association of Science Editors (EASE), and committed to follow their instructions.

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