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Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Antibiotic Stewardship—Antibiotic Usage in Adult Patients: Is It Necessary? When Should It be Concerned?


Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Uludağ University School of Medicine, Bursa, Turkey

Balkan Medical Journal 2021; 38: 150-155
DOI: 10.5152/balkanmedj.2021.20197
Read: 288 Downloads: 73 Published: 25 February 2021

Antibiotic consumption rates were quite high in number, although the bacterial coinfection rates were low in coronavirus disease 2019 pneumonia. Generally, empirical antibiotic treatment is not recommended for uncomplicated coronavirus disease 2019 mild to moderate pneumonia cases. On the other hand, antibiotic treatment and de-escalation are recommended for intubated intensive care unit patients or critical patients with sepsis, septic shock, or acute respiratory distress syndrome. The presentation of patients with severe coronavirus disease 2019 pneumonia can direct the clinicians to use antibiotics. We believe that wait and watch strategy can be preferred in such cases without sepsis, secondary bacterial infection findings, or procalcitonin < 0.5 ng/ mL. We think that a new wave of resistance will occur inevitably if we cannot perform the antibiotic stewardship properly.

Cite this article as: Önal U, Akalın H. Coronavirus disease 2019 and antibiotic stewardship—antibiotic usage in adult patients: is it necessary? when should it be concerned? Balkan Med J. 2021;38(3):150-155.

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