ISSN : 2146-3123
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Autologous Blood Injection Works for Recalcitrant Lateral Epicondylitis
Bora Bostan 1, Orhan Balta 1, Murat Aşçı 1, Kürşad Aytekin 2, Enes Eser 3
1Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Gaziosmanpaşa University School of Medicine, Tokat, Turkey
2Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Giresun University School of Medicine, Giresun, Turkey
3Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Turhal State Hospital, Tokat, Turkey
DOI : 10.5152/balkanmedj.2016.16807
Pages : 216-220


Background: Recalcitrant lateral epicondylitis may be a disabling condition. Treatment of this condition is still controversial.

Aims: In the present prospective study, we evaluated the long-term results of autologous blood injection for the treatment of recalcitrant lateral epicondylitis.

Study Design: Prospective clinical study.

Methods: A total of 42 elbows of 40 consecutive patients (28 female, 12 male) were enrolled in this prospective study. Seven patients left the study (3 patients moved to another city, 1 patient died in the second week due to a heart condition, 1 patient quit the study because of the resolution of pain in the fourth week and 2 patients did not agree to the second injection). Thirteen patients were lost to third year follow-up. Therefore, a total of 21 elbows of 20 patients with 3 years of follow-up were included in this study. The mean age of the patients was 47.25 years (range, 20-68 years).  

Results: Visual analogue scale (VAS), Nirschl score and grip strength were significantly improved after injections when compared to before treatment. The best improvement in terms of grip strength, Nirschl score and VAS score was detected at the one year follow-up. The improvement in Nirschl and VAS score sustained until the third year.

Conclusion: We suggest that autologous blood injection for the treatment of recalcitrant lateral epicondylitis is an effective, safe and successful procedure in the long-term.

Keywords : Autologous blood, tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis
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