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We are pleased to report that our journal has achieved an Impact Factor of 3 for the year 2022.  
We are proud to share Balkan Medical Journal's CiteScore. According to Scopus data for 2022, Balkan Medical Journal's Citescore value has been determined as 3.5.  
The former editor-in-chief of our journal, Cem Uzun, has been elected president of EASE (The European Association of Science Editors).
This year's announcement of the Journal Citation Report (JCR) heralds a dream come true in the 44-year history of the Balkan Medical Journal. Balkan Medical Journal became the 2nd quarter journal with an impact factor of 3.57.  
Balkan Medical Journal adopts the WAME recommendations on ChatGPT and Chatbots related to scientific publications  
COVID-19 affects a number of organs, including the female reproductive system. However, less attention has been given to the effects of COVID-19 on the female reproductive system due to their low morbidity.  

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LéShon Peart, Mustafa Tekin
In this invited review, authors summarized delve into the genetic etiologies of hearing loss within the Caribbean and to guide future investigations into the genetics of hearing loss in this culturally and genetically diverse region.
Cuihao Song, Jie Sun, Zhenkai Zhao, et al.
In this study, authors aim to explore the role of thymic stromal lymphopoietin in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.
Seda Yakut, Tuğçe Atcalı, Cüneyt Çaglayan, et al.
In this study, authors aim to determine therapeutic efficacy of Silymarin in countering liver and kidney damage induced by Paclitaxel in rats
Ebru Çakır Edis, Aykut Çilli, Deniz Kızılırmak, et al.
With this study, authors analyze and compare data from Türkiye on the etiology, comorbidities, microbiology and prevention of bronchiectasis.
Yuhong Fan, Xiaoguang Li, Peng Zhong, et al.
With this study, authors investigated associations of US and MRI features with the level of CD8-positive tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

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FIG. 2. CT pulmonary angiogram 3D reconstruction reveals an aneurysmal main pulmonary artery….


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The publisher of our journal has been changed. As of January 2022, Balkan Medical Journal started working with GALENOS. We will continue to use the same online manuscript tracking system (Manuscript Manager). However, there have been some changes to our website. We wanted to inform all our authors, readers, and reviewers.
The effort to maintain the editorial freedom has posed distinct challenges arising from regional dynamics in the Balkan region, as in any part of the world. For a journal to be successful in the international arena, reasonably organized managerial processes are required. Clear definitions of work packages, workflows, duties and responsibilities, and assignment and dismissal criteria are essential for the transparency of managerial processes. The journal’s owner, editor-in-chief, editorial board, publisher, and authors effectively communicating with each other within the framework of rules will prevent chaotic and destructive conflicts that may harm the reputation and its mission. The attempt to establish a legal regulation, an agreement between the owner and the editor, and an ombudsman began approximately five years ago for Balkan Medical Journal. Throughout this process, the journal’s management has endeavored to consult the opinions of the journal’s owner and the university legal regulation committee to establish a legal regulation for the journal that is ethical, practical, sustainable, and conforms to the national laws and international scientific values. We believe the journal legal regulation, finalized in January 2019 and presented below, serves as a role model for all scientific circles and the Balkans and will contribute to the advancement of institutional scientific publications of medicine in the region. The journal’s editorial board extends its gratitude to all current and past employees, the Dean’s of the Faculty of Medicine of Trakya University, and to the current rectorate of Trakya University for their valuable contributions and encouragement to building the development of the journal legal regulation to protect editorial freedom and provide successful journal management of all Trakya University scientific journals.