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Mean Platelet Volume in Early Diagnosis of Adnexal Torsion
Işıl Köleli 1
1Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, İnönü University Faculty of Medicine, Malatya, Turkey
DOI : 10.5152/balkanmedj.2015.151092
Pages : 410-413


Background: Adnexal torsion (AT) is among the gynecological emergencies; more common in reproductive age, if diagnosed late, this can cause ovarian failure and infertility, but rarely thrombophlebitis and peritonitis. Despite these severe complications, preoperative diagnostic tests are not enough for early diagnosis. There are certain pieces of literature on the subject that reveal changes in mean platelet volume (MPV) values occur in inflammatory and ischemic diseases and that these changes have diagnostic and prognostic significance. However, there are no studies investigating this relationship with adnexal torsion.

Aims: The aim of the study is to investigate the diagnostic and prognostic significance of the mean platelet volume value in the early diagnosis of patients with adnexal torsion.

Study Design: Case-control study.

Methods: Pre-operative demographic data, MPV, leukocyte count and neutrophils to lymphocytes (N/L) ratio in the blood samples of 51 patients, who were operated on preliminary adnexal torsion and diagnosed as adnexal torsion with a benign ovarian cyst (AT group) were retrospectively compared with those of 50 patients who were operated upon because of benign ovarian cysts and without torsion (control group) at this hospital between 2006 and 2014.

Results: The mean MPV level was found to be 8.1 (7.1-10.7) fL in the AT group and 7.9 (6.6-10.2) fL in the control group; no statistically significant difference was found between the groups (p>0.05).Leukocyte count and N/L ratio in the AT group were, on average, 12x103/mm3 and 82% respectively and in control group; they were, on average, 7.2x103/mm3 and 59%, respectively. A statistically significant increase was found in the leukocyte count and N/L ratio of the AT group compared to the control group (p<0.001). The platelet count in the AT group was, on average, 253x103/mm3 and in the control group it was, on average, 280x103/mm3; no statistically significant difference was detected between these two groups (p>0.05). No correlation was detected between the MPV, platelet and leukocyte counts. The sensitivity of the leukocytosis to the AT cases was found to be 66.7%, and selectivity was 94%.

Conclusion: The AT diagnostic and prognostic importance of MPV value has not been determined in this study.

Keywords : Adnexal torsion, mean platelet volume, neutrophils to lymphocytes ratio, platelet, leukocyte, leukocytosis
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