ISSN : 2146-3123
E-ISSN : 2146-3131

Bilateral Gluteus Maximus Fasciocutaneous Flap For the Treatment of Complicated Pilonidal Sinus
Sezgin Yılmaz 1, Mehmet Nuri Koşar 1, Nazlı Sancaktar 2, Yavuz Demir 2
1Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Genel Cerrahi Anabilim Dalı, Afyon
2Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Anabilim Dalı, Afyon
Pages : 233-235


Sacrococcygeal pilonidal disease can be treated with basic surgical techniques for most cases, however some cases may require more complicated techniques. So in this work we reported a case treated with fasciocutaneous gluteal flap that can be an alternative method for the treatment of resistant cases. A 34-year-old man was admitted to our clinic for chronic pilonidal sinus disease. The patient had a history of an excision of pilonidal tractus and drainage operation five years before and irregularly used antibiotheraphy after that. All sinus tracts were excised widely and the defect was repaired with fasciocutaneous flap prepared from bilateral gluteal region. Postoperative course of the patient was uneventful and hemovac drains were withdrawn after cessation of drainage. The patient was mobilized at the postoperative 2nd day. As a result; although bilateral fasciocutaneous gluteal flap is not the first alternative for the treatment of pilonidal disease, it can be valuable in treating the patients with wide, recurrent, and vertically long pilonidal disease.

Keywords : Pilonidal sinus; excision; gluteus maximus flap.

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