ISSN : 2146-3123
E-ISSN : 2146-3131

Pulmonary Embolysm After Cesarean Section
Sevtap Hekimoğlu Şahin 1, Dilek Memiş 1, Şermin Şeker 1, Özlem Sarıtabak 1, Tarık Yandım 1
1Trakya Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Anesteziyoloji ve Reanimasyon Anabilim Dalı, Edirne
Pages : 165-168


Pregnancy is a physiologic state with an increased risk for thromboembolic complications. Tachypnea and respiratory distress was evident in a 36- yearold female patient in the postoperative third hour after an elective cesarean section in the 38. week of pregnancy. Thoracic tomography revealed pulmonary embolism, the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit and tranecsamic acid infusion was started. Paradoxical septal motion and a 4x1 cm hpyerechogenic mobile mass on the right atrium attached to the inferior wall was apparent in the echocardiographic assessment. Thrombolytic infusion therapy was started due to the worsening of the patient's respiratory distress and hemodynamic state but was withdrawn due to the active bleeding from the vagina and the operation site. Bleeding was controlled by erythrocyte and thrombocyte suspensions, freshly drawn blood, and fresh frozen plasma. Echocardiographic control revealed lysis of the thrombus in the right atrium and the patient was moved to the obstetrics ward on the 4. day.

Keywords : Pulmonary embolism; pregnancy

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