ISSN : 2146-3123
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MGMT Promoter Methylation in Patients with Rectal Adenocarcinoma After Chemoradiotherapy Treatment: Clinical Implications
Jaime A. Oliver1,2, Jaime Gómez-Millán3, Jose A. Medina3, Laura Cabeza2,4,5, Gloria Perazzoli2,5, Cristina Jimenez- Luna2, Kevin Doello6, Raul Ortiz2,4,5
1Center for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, UK
2Institute of Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine (IBIMER), Center of Biomedical Research (CIBM), University of Granada, Granada, Spain
3Department of Radiation Oncology, Universitary Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, Málaga, Spain
4Department of Anatomy and Embryology, University of Granada, Granada, Spain
5Biosanitary Institute of Granada (ibs. GRANADA), SAS-Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain
6Medical Oncology Service, Universitary Hospital Virgen de las Nieves, Granada, Spain
DOI : 10.4274/balkanmedj.galenos.2019.2018.12.93

Aims: Resistance to preoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT) in rectal adenocarcinoma has been correlated with the DNA repair enzyme O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT). We analyse the clinical relevance of MGMT in rectal adenocarcinoma treated with CRT followed by surgery.
Methods: Tissue samples from 29 rectal adenocarcinoma patients were obtained after CRT. MGMT promoter methylation status was established by methylation-specific PCR. MGMT protein levels were determined by immunohistochemistry. Clinopathological variables including treatment regression grade, recurrence, lymph node invasion and stage and differentiation grade of the tumor were determined.
Results: Our results showed that MGMT gene promoter was methylated in 81.5% of the samples. Most of the patients (88.9%) showed a low MGMT protein expression. MGMT methylation status no correlated to any of the clinicopathological variables determined in rectal adenocarcinomas selected to CRT.
Conclusion: MGMT methylation status no correlated to clinicopathologic variables examined in rectal adenocarcinoma selected to CRT although its role as biomarker needs further investigation.

Keywords : Rectal adenocarcinoma, chemoradiotherapy, MGMT

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