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Comparison of a Vessel Sealing System with a Conventional Technique in Hemorrhoidectomy
Serkan Teksöz 1, Nihat Yavuz 1, Osman Baran Tortum 1, Murat Özcan 1, Yusuf Bükey 1, Erman Aytaç 2
1Department of General Surgery, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, İstanbul University, İstanbul, Turkey
2Departments of General Surgery, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of İstanbul University, İstanbul
DOI : 10.5174/tutfd.2010.03074.2
Pages : 189-192


Objective: Milligan-Morgan, Park and Ferguson hemorrhoidectomy procedures are the ones most frequently used for the surgical treatment of hemorrhoidal disease. Attempts to modify these conventional approaches are made by using different techniques or tools to decrease blood loss, and reduce operating time and postoperative analgesic requirement. In this prospective randomized trial, the conventional Ferguson hemorrhoidectomy method is compared with the LigaSure® hemorrhoidectomy according to various criteria.

Material and Methods: Forty patients who had grade 3-4 hemorrhoidal disease were randomly divided into two equal groups: the Ferguson Hemorrhoidectomy (n=20) and the LigaSure® hemorrhoidectomy (n=20). Operating time, demographic data, intraoperative and postoperative complications, postoperative pain, return of bowel movements and postoperative hospital stay were evaluated. The visual analogue score was used for the evaluation of pain on the first postoperative day. The patients have been followed up for at least 19 months.

Results: The pain score, blood loss and operating time were significantly reduced in the LigaSure® hemorrhoidectomy group.

Conclusion: LigaSure® hemorrhoidectomy is safe and feasible for the surgeon, and more comfortable than classical surgery for the patient.

Keywords : LigaSure®, Ferguson hemorrhoidectomy, closed hemorrhoidectomy, follow up, randomized prospective study

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