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Associations Between Violence Related Behaviors and Self Perceived Health Among Trakya University Students
Halil Evren 1, Burcu Tokuç 2, Galip Ekuklu 3
1Emergency Unit, Hayrabolu State Hospital, Tekirdağ, Turkey
2Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey
3Departments of Public Health, Medical Faculty of Trakya University, Edirne Balkan Med J 2011; 28: 380-384
DOI : 10.5174/tutfd.2010.04142.3
Pages : 380-384


Objective: This study was carried out to determine the association between violence related behaviors and self-reported health among university students.

Material and Methods: This is a cross-sectional study, which included a representative sample of all students of Trakya University. The sample of 1620 students enrolled at Trakya University was stratified according to sex and actual student number of faculties and colleges and selected by systematic sampling. In addition to descriptive statistics, Chi Square analysis and Logistic Regression analysis were used for statistical evaluation.

Results: 6.3% of the respondents reported that they were exposed to violence, 33.5% of them stated they were involved in a physical fight during the past 12 months, 4.9% of them stated they did not go to school at least one day during the past 30 days because they felt unsafe and 4.4% of the students reported they had attempted suicide during the past 12 months. The analyses have shown that violence related behaviors were significantly associated with poor health after controlling the potential confounders.

Conclusion: There is a need for more prospective studies for exploring the effects of violence related behaviors to health. Interventions targeting youths who engage in violence should consider that violence related behaviors may be markers for poor health.

Keywords : Violence, self-reported health, university students
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