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Türkiye'de Onkoplastik ve Rekonstrüktif Meme Cerrahisine Genel Cerrahların Yaklaşımı: Uygulama Paternleri Anketi
Mustafa Emiroğlu 1, Cem Karaali 1, Cengiz Aydın 1, İsmail Sert 2, Varlık Erol 1, Abdullah İnal 3, Kemal Peker 3, Enver İlhan 4, Hilmi Güngör 4, Mehmet Ali Gülçelik 5, Didem Can 6
1Department of General Surgery, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, İzmir, Turkey
2Department of General Surgery, Van Regional Training and Research Hospital, Van, Turkey
3Department of General Surgery, Erzincan University, Mengücek Gazi Training and Research Hospital, Erzincan, Turkey
4Department of General Surgery, Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital, İzmir, Turkey
5Department of General Surgery, Dr. Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Oncology Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
6Department of General Surgery, İstanbul Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey
DOI : 10.5152/balkanmedj.2014.13230
Pages : 307-312


Background: Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (OBS), which is a combination of oncological procedures and plastic surgery techniques, has recently gained widespread use.

Aims: To assess the experiences, practice patterns and preferred approaches to Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery (ORBS) undertaken by general surgeons specializing in breast surgery in Turkey.

Study Design: Cross-sectional study.

Methods: Between December 2013 and February 2014, an eleven-question survey was distributed among 208 general surgeons specializing in breast surgery. The questions focused on the attitudes of general surgeons toward performing oncoplastic breast surgery (OBS), the role of the general surgeon in OBS and their training for it as well as their approaches to evaluating cosmetic outcomes in Breast Conserving Surgery (BCS) and informing patients about ORBS preoperatively.

Results: Responses from all 208 surgeons indicated that 79.8% evaluated the cosmetic outcomes of BCS, while 94.2% informed their patients preoperatively about ORBS. 52.5% performed BCS (31.3% themselves, 21.1% together with a plastic surgeon). 53.8% emphasized that general surgeons should carry out OBS themselves. 36.1% of respondents suggested that OBS training should be included within mainstream surgical training, whereas 27.4% believed this training should be conducted by specialised centres.

Conclusion: Although OBS procedure rates are low in Turkey, it is encouraging to see general surgeons practicing ORBS themselves. The survey demonstrates that our general surgeons aspire to learn and utilize OBS techniques.

Keywords : Anket, genel cerrah, onkoplastik meme cerrahisi

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