ISSN : 2146-3123
E-ISSN : 2146-3131

The Accessory Head of the Biceps Brachii Muscle Originating From the Brachialis Muscle: A Case Report
Ali Yılmaz 1, Hülya Gürbüz 1
1Trakya Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Anatomi Anabilim Dalı, Edirne
Pages : 61-63


An accessory head of the biceps brachii muscle was found in the left arm of a 65-year-old male cadaver during routing dissection studies. It originated from the brachialis muscle and medial intermuscular septum. The arterial supply was provided by a short muscle branch of the brachial artery and its neural innervation by a short thin branch of the musculocutaneus nerve. In general, the accessory head originates from the upper-medial component of the brachialis muscle, whereas it stemmed from the lower-medial component in this case.

Keywords : Arm/anatomy & histology/abnormalities; brachial artery/pathology; muscle, skeletal/abnormalities
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